FF Duper Pro.
The Best Font Since Sliced Bread

This typeface is a reaction to the projects I concentrated on before: text families. The time was right for something casual, a typeface with a home-made character—yet highly typographic—and just as complete and rich in features as you’d expect from an OpenType Pro font family.

What sets FF Duper apart from other typefaces of its kind ist not only its character but also the extensive usage of OpenType features. Part of the implemented fuctionality causes all three exsisting versions of each character to be used in tuns, using the character loop, which makes for individual results each time you type.

This loop works when repeating characters are used right next to each other (like for example the two o in look) as well as when repating characters are seperated by other characters (like the two n in known)—even beyond word boudaries.

The making of FF Duper

Read the article, watch the clip—on I love typography.

Font Shopping

FF Duper (Pro) is available at FontFont.com